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  2. please uplod 2 part

  3. I am looking forward to the second part…MGR is a man of great character and thought indeed!!!

  4. OH…. great… Such an extra ordinary man who is still living in every one’s heart…. he cannot be compared with anyone else…. Anand from Dubai

  5. This is best interview I have heard. He was speaking the truth . I would like to thank the person who is responsible this . Can’t wait for the second part
    Thank you again

  6. அறியதா வைகளை எங்களுக்காக இந்த தளத்தில் பதிவு செய்ததுற்கு நன்றியும் வாழ்த்துகளும்.

  7. […] must thank the blogger behind one of the remarkable online MGR fan communities for unearthing and posting this rare interview on the […]

  8. What an amazing interview! Perfect Thamil and the clarity in explaining is excellent.
    I wish to hear more of his interviews and speaches.

  9. My dear Roop
    Great to rehear this ..i was so fortunate to listen this when i was in AGs office ,,,
    as soon as MGr was expelled from DMK i stopped buying Murasoli still now..
    Mgrs voice is eternal and ever pervading in air..This interview is superb in tone and His philosophy of life embedded with poverty and a focus why MGr Loved Srilanka..
    and his love to Tamil people is wonderful..
    I am just waiting to see the great Dr MGR Centenary Birthday Function
    my best wishes to both Roop and Pradeep and thotam Vijayan who was MGrs star

    • Thank you all for your comments and wishes.

  10. Wow, what a clarity in speech and thoughts. No wonder he is still living in hearts of millions of people.

    What a devotion to Tamil language and Tamil people.

    Dear Roop, you are keeping us glued to MGR thoughts continuously. Thanks to you and all your collegues.

  11. Great interview with a cristal clear recording that could be heard after 35 years. Thalaivar was talking so clearly without any slips; why not? Of course, he talks truth from his heart; so he didn’t require notes and special Tamizh modulations (like the liar MuKa). I am eagerly waiting to hear the second part.

    Thanks and appreciations to Roop for his work in bringing this special audio clipping posted for the sake of all MGR lovers.

    Roop, pls let me know how to save this audio file in my computer.



  12. MGR is the Incarnation of the Almighty God this is no doubt the genorosity the spontaneous giving thoughts never with a normal person there are so many actors in Tamil Nadu, but I never ever seen or heard anything Like my 2nd God MGR there is nobody even JJ Why she cant follow the foot step of MGR.? Pls keep on send information about MGR to my mail I loves to Read lot and to know why MGR Party is not comming to Power again? Keep this Golden Name MGR the living legend MGR always on the move.

    • Thank you very much Sir for responding to this post.

  13. Hi MGRROOP,
    This is first time I hear the clear voice of Puratchi Thalaivar.
    I don’t how to express my happiness, feelings. There is no doubt that he is the living god. Thanks mr. Roop, thank you, thank you verymuch. By A.Pandi, Singapore.

  14. I am eagarly awaiting for the part 2 of the great legend Dr. MGR

    • I have been working in the Video part, and it will be posted soon.

  15. wonderful speech unheard so far.

  16. I am also MGR fan, but this is first time I hear the clear voice of Puratchi Thalaivar. I don’t know his childhood history, now I know his life history by his own voice and how to express my happiness, feelings. There is no doubt that he is the living god. Thanks Mr. Roop, R.Chandrasekaran, Adyar, Chennai.

  17. Please post the link to Part 2 of the interview please.

    • I came to know that BBC is the copyright owner. I am waiting for their approval to publish the second part.

      • Ok at least you can put it as private in YouTube and invite people who are desperate to listen to it. Also given that Part 1 is already in YouTube and this thing is more than 25 years old, it should be ok to publish Part 2. Also if they object you might have to take it down.

      • Sir, please send one email to


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