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Whenever there is new comment posted in our Blog I check if they have provided any email link to get in touch with them. And I got lot of friends who now provide lot of infos to our blog. Recently I got new comment from Mr.Chandran, aged 55 years and who is living in Singapore and great MGR Fan. He has given some insight into what a MGR Fan will be.

And I am providing the conversation we had through mail with his consent I am publishing in our Blog so as our MGR Fan friends get acquainted with Mr.Chandran from Singapore.

I came to know MGR blog from internet, because I am crazy in computer, I will surf every time whenever I am online. I think when I was as little as 9 or 10 years when went for cinema with my parents to see Rani Samyuktha, I think I was so impressed at that age after seeing the movie and I became fan of the only one ever last legendry Mr.M.G.Ramachandran.

He is my great Leader I like his motivation songs, whenever I feel depressed I just play MGR’s motivation songs in VCD which give me a kick to chase out weakness in me. His songs really have great power and it is evergreen songs. I urge every youth without any destination in their life should see his movies and listen to his great songs, which can change their life to meaningful.

He is such a great man who cannot be replaced by any one unless he resurrect again. I am unlucky to say I have never see him personally.

But once when I came to Chennai I have visited MGR’s memorial home and his memorial rest place in Marina Beach. I was very impressed when I was travelling other cities, I saw his statues and I really missed him in my life.

He is a man of principal and dignity and nowadays all actors should follow his foot steps. I have read about MGR in lot of magazines and articles from press given by those who know MGR. I am only very sad about one thing that his home in Ramavaram was abandon by ungrateful government of TN. The TN present government should take responsibility and convert MGR’s Ramavaram home as a tourist destination ,at least they show some respect to a great leader as a former Chief Minister of TN. Even he is not with us, but he is living in every Indian hearts and home. I am one of the greatest fan of legendary MGR. I have his some of greatest movies like Ayirathil Oruvan, Adimai Penn, Kudiyurantha Koil, Nam Naadu, Oli Vilaku, Enga Veetu Pillai, Thanipiravi.




  1. the article here: Singapore MGR Fan…

  2. Mr. Chandran : I sincerely wish you every success in all your endeavours.

    MGR Bakthargal

    • thank you so much.always our thalaivar will bless us.

  3. கடல் கடந்து ஒரு தலைவர் ரசிகர், தலைவரை நேரில் பார்க்காமல் இத்தனை ஈடுபாடு. திரு.சந்திரன் அவர்கள் எல்லா நலமும் பெற்று வாழ இறைவன் (தலைவரை) வணங்குகிறேன்.

    • mgr oru sagaptham,athu oru aliyakaviyam ,charithiram ,athai eeduseiya yaralum mudiyathu.aanal oruvaral mudiyum he is MGR.
      kodupavan thane meljathi kodugthaavan thane keeljathi.
      nadapavai yavum vithipadi nadanthal vethanai eppadi theerum ,
      udaipathai udaithu ,valarpathal valarthal ulagam urupadiyagum.
      thats our MGR.

    • Nandri nanbare,iruntalum maraitalum persollavendum ivarpola yarendru oorsollavendum……en thalaivarin pugal ippoovalagil endrum nilaitirukkum.


  4. My sincere Salute to one of those great MGR fan.

  5. Hi, Chandran I am very much impressed. What a great fan of Mgr are you? I am also like you only. Got impressed with his motivational songs and certain good principles which he never let-off for whatever reasons may be. He is the man of principles. He is the only man who lived in real as he lived in the reel.

    • Hi GC,
      You know Mgr is a legend a living legend ,many born and die in this Universe but the only human still live in millions of heart after 22 years his death is only our thalaivar MGR.In singapore MGR Fans they will arrange athma shanthi pooja on death anniversary ,and his birthday there will be annathanam for poors.

      That is our MGR.

  6. sir,

    தலைவரை நேரில் பார்க்காமல் இத்தனை ஈடுபாடு. திரு.சந்திரன் அவர்கள் எல்லா நலமும் பெற்று வாழ இறைவன் (தலைவரை) வணங்குகிறேன்.


    • Will thalaivar resurrect again?Every sincere and grateful fans will get his blessings.

  7. Truly i will proud of you sir.

  8. mr.chandran , realy i proud of you. may god bless you.

  9. MGR will always in the our heart’s.He’s indomitable.

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