New MGR Magazine

From Urimaikural MGR monthly a new magazine hits the stands this month named “Nalai Namathey”




Read the Editorial first.




A rare interview given by Yesudass which was published in 1978 tells about the qualities from the point of view from a playback singer. And the songs he had played back to MGR.




MGR was awarded Bharath in 1972 for his acting in Rickshawkaran, he is the first Tamil Actor to get the coveted prize but there was comments from his foes. This is the article given by A.L.Srinivasan.


I am producing this article because still there are people who feel and express their views that MGR is not an Actor, who is not deserved to be awarded for his natural acting talents.




The second page of the article.



Lots of records from first release movies and information about Kalaivanar N.S.Krishnan.





  1. best wishes from my side for the thalaivar magazine i purchased nalai namadhae from newstands. beautiful thalaivar pictures, i wish you to upload it as pdf files so all our thalaivar fans will feel and take away by the looks of thalaivar.

    தலைவருக்கு மூன்று மேகஸின் உரிமைக்குரல், நாளை நாமதே, இதயக்கனி வேறு எந்த நடிகருக்கும் இல்லாத சிறப்பு அம்சம்.

  2. nadigar thilagam fans made a cartoon about our thalaivar during the bharath award ceremony please upload and the world should know how decent they are.

    • Thanks for the information it will be uploaded in particular post.

  3. nice to see the delivery of nalai namathei. may it continue its dervice to the fans likem the one and the only one who is ever immortal and lives in millions of hearts and minds.

    i visited palghat recently to meet Mrs sadnandavathy’s relatives where mgr’s marriage was held. nice place. still snaps they maintain now when mgr as chief minister visited the place to get into nostalgia.

    you can meet them and edit thier experience in mails and papers as well.



    • Dear Parmesh sir thanks for the information. Sir did you take any pictures if so please forward to my mail and your experience it will be published in our blog.

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