Re-release Thanipiravi

Devar Films Thanipiravi a black and white movie, was released on Friday in Natraj theater. Today I went to Natraj theater by 6 pm and was awestruck by the sheer crowd in theater.




This Banner was placed by Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal, click the image and please read.




Click the image above and you will find who are the persons came to watch this movie, they are not only MGR Fans or devotees, public too.




Garlands of 14 tier was done by Kalaiventhan MGR Bakthargal Trust and Milk pouring ceremony was also done by them, you find this in the 6 minute video, the traffic was halted for 10 minutes and No police to control.




The last minute rush to get the ticket and the show was nearly full. The collection details will be posted separately.


Watch the Video and see how much crowd were standing outside the theater. And also people who watched this ceremony from the houses nearby the theater.



The video showing crowd in the right side of the theater.



Some of the movie halls has stopped screening Night shows due to IPL Twenty 20. But MGR fans and the Devotees were right in front of their God to see him and get his blessings.


Collection details upto today night show is Rs.40,000/- Rs.10,000/- on the first day (3 shows) Rs.10,000/- on the Second day (3 shows) and Rs.20,000/- today (3 shows).


Theater capacity is 1080 but not 1200 as I have mentioned earlier.


This post was done by the help of MGR Devotees Yukesh Babu and Sathya who helped me to get to the theater in time even though the traffic was diverted due to the opening ceremony of Perambur Fly over.


Latest Update :

Urimaikural MGR Magazine Editor B.S.Raju and MGR Devotee Yukesh Babu called me and told about the news of Thanipiravi was flashed in Maalai Malar Chennai Edition. It is added now for your information.





  1. Thalaivars words never go wrong “வெற்றி மீது வெற்றி வந்து என்னை சேரும் ”


  2. THALAIVARS WORDS NEVER GO WRONG “வெற்றி மீது வெற்றி வந்து என்னை சேரும் ”


  3. video pathivu potatharku mika nandri. vasool chakravarthi endral enna, athu than M.G.R.

  4. I saw the video only not came to natraj but i do went to mahalakshmi sorry to say i only saw people with badge, annal namathu thalaivar padathirku vanthavargal yar rasigarkal mattuma? nadigar thilagathil mel paal utrum pothu nadigar thilagam vazhga endru sonnathu kammi annal thalaivarai thitiyadthu than athigam. i over heard a nadigar thilagam fan around or above 50 yrs talking bad about our site and about you. the words cannot be writen here you know what i mean.

    i ask all our thalaivar fans wht they should do hereafter

    Edited by Site Owner.

    • Selva Sir did you see Nadigar Thilagam movie on that day? His fans speaking ill about our MGR is quite natural as some of our people do the same to Nadigar Thilagam I have given the same instance in Ayirathil Oruvan release in Mahalakshmi theater, I muted the video for viewing because they were talking ill about Nadigar Thilagam. For information click this url

      It is natural and regarding our site they are talking let them talk, why because their mind only think about Nadigar Thilagam and MGR but now they also think about our site and they are giving a free advertisement to our site, atleast some persons near him will try to look in our site there by creating traffic, why should we bother about it, we will be getting more hits per day due to their advertisement, take it positively.

      With MGR spirit we will succeed.

  5. It is a matter of frustration for them. However, for Rathathin Rathangal “எதையுமே தாங்கிடும் இதயம் என்றும் மாறாது”, always Thalaivars way.


  6. Thanks Roop for displaying clip from paper which is showing Sivaji’s cutouts with garlands, I am quite thrilled and happy to see.

    I also appreciate your unbiased comment about Sivaji’s fan comment.

    I am following your web site every day, but I am big big fan and veriyan of Sivaji. It gives me more happy and satisfaction of seeing photos of fans celebrating MGR movies, as I feel I am doing in my own town Madurai for Sivaji’s movies, as I did in my School and College days.

    Great job done, and please keep continue.

  7. Sir,

    Thanks for nice post of thanipiravi release in natraj. i see selva comment this type of incident arise only jealous of thalaivar fame. so we dont care about this incident. because thalaivar films ran continuously throughout the year . vc.ganesan films are retired 2001 . now they refresh the movies what use. they screened their own cost. but thaliavar movies are screened different type of distributors. i remember one song

    Aayiram kaigal thaduthu nindralum aadhavan maraivathilai

    aayiram nadigargal ulaga arankil vanthalum thalaivarin puzhal enum vanathil natchathirangalga kooda prakasibathu kadinam.

    so ennaikkum ore oru superstar

    our god MGR




  8. Sathish – ippadium oru sivaji rasigara? achariyam than pongal. thalaivar sonnathu pol vantharai varaverka kathuerukiran.

    satish avargaluku M.G.R. rasigan sarbaga vanakam.

  9. Well, I used to do all kinds of activities you guys are doing ie., poster for all the movies, cutout garlands, crackers and big rally before and after the movie on Sundays. But after my College days I have stopped because of my professional work and commitment to travel outside my home town Madurai.

    I live in a western country but I do have all my Sivaji’s movies DVD and also MGR’s DVD, which is I believe more worth than buying all the new crap movies DVD.

    Don’t think I am too old, I am just 37.

    As I said, when I see the videos of celebration I could recall my days in Madurai.

    Keep posting guys and good day.

    • Thank you for commenting as you said having MGR DVDs do you have MGR movie Panakari, Nam, Kumari which we are trying to collect.

      • Roop,

        You have asked very old MGR movies, let me check here and If I found will let you know.

        But I bet, these movies should be available in Madurai townhall.

      • Suresh Sir I have asked the same details of movies of MGR Devotees in Madurai and they also told that these movies are rare and it is not available. If they get a copy they will forward to me.

  10. yes i saw the movie, and you should not edit my coment, all thalaivar fans should know what i say.

    • Thank you Selva Sir for replying regarding editing your comments some has to be shared with all actor fans some should not be.

  11. Dear Sir,
    I have only one point to mention. Both MT and NT was,is,& Will be the original superstars, supremestarts, and all stars put together. Every person has got his right to be any actors fan but that should get personal. When we talk about MT & NT fans fight, it is as good as “Which came first – Is it the egg or chicken” type. Both MT & NT are spiritually with us and they never behaved hatred personally though they supported different parties. Sivaji Ganesan’s Title” Sivaji” was given by Periyar who hated cinema and cine-stars. Similarly, MGR has said once Kamaraj is his vazhikaati and Anna is his Thalaivar..Politically, MGR also alligned with Indira Congress..It depends on the maturity of every fan whose ever fan he belong to. Both MT and NT has given Box Office Block Busters and both their films have failed at times in Box Office and also, when MT films failed at Box Office, NT Films enjoyed good run..Similarly, NT Films failed at Box Office, MT films had good run..All said and done, one thing is for sure, The Original Superstars and Supreme Stars was, is, & will be Makkal Thilagam & Nadigar Thilagam only.
    Those, who comment bad about MT (or) NT are i think immatured about which we need not bother about. One group will always be there either side.
    The Contribution to Film Industry by both these legends are innumerable and cannot be equalled by any country’s actors.


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