Re-release Nan Aanai Ittal

Sri MGR Year 93, 8th May Saturday


Sathya Movies “Nan Aanai Ittal” was released in Mahalakshmi theater this week. I went for the first show and took some videos and images for our blog.






MGR Devotee Sathya Garlanded MGR cutouts. Nearly 250 people came to see the first show. The print was very good. Enga Veetu Pillai which was released previous week in Natraj have collected 80000 plus with a bad print, I came to know that MGR Devotees will not care how bad or how good the movie print is they will watch.




This image I captured with a mobile you can see the difference how sharp the print is.


Video 1: Thai Mel Aanai Song


Philosophical song of MGR.


Video 2: Natural acting talent of MGR



This is scene between MGR as Millionaire with Saroja Devi and Nagesh. Watch this video how MGR transforms into three characters in 8 minutes and touching a little bit of romance. And also look how people enjoyed this scene when Saroja Devi fights verbally with MGR and when says “Ada Pavi”.


Further news will be updated.



  1. Sir,

    thanks for nice post . once again thalaivar proof box office emperor. continuously screening thalaivar movies in chennai city last week evp collected in natraj theatre Rs.85000/- appox for screening bad print .


    yukesh babu.b

  2. Thanks very much, “Thalaivar Anai Ittal” good Film with Immense Social responsibility.

  3. I am interested to see the fans reactions for Thalaivar’s films. Please post more such videos in your website.

    • Thank you for your comments I am trying to provide this kind of videos always.

  4. thalaivar is natural actor athanal than avaruku national award koduthanga.

  5. The manthra of the 3 letters is always known to all the peoples. The english language is proud of having the 3 letters which is used for Him.

    The one and only Thalaivar is Him only. MGR Roop is to continue this kind of information to know more about Him.

    I am seeing the web site for the first time and I am very happy

    One suggestion : You can list out all the details which the magazines are making in their issues regrding the mighty legand.

    Thanks and Regards


  6. i love to watch movies that made it to the box office, they are usually great movies with good story .,’

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