Punch Dialogs and One Liners in MGR Movies – I

Sri MGR Year 93, 20th May Thursday


Tamil Cinema has unique features and trends. Some actors became trendsetters with their singing capacity or action or style or expression and dialogue delivery. The trend in Tamil Cinema during 1930’s to early 1950’s were songs more number of songs was sure success in Box Office. This changed when the Dravidian ideologues from Drama entered Cinema in late 1940’s, then Dialogues ruled the Cinema, lengthier the dialogues are, people were glued to their actors performance.


This dialogue trend lasted for two decades, most of MGR movies were centered during the peak of Dialogue period of Tamil Cinema. But in MGR movies lengthy dialogues were seldom used even MGR own production “Nadodi Mannan” released in 1958 did not have lengthy dialogues, powerful shorter ones were used. 2 or 3 minutes powerful dialogues gave the needed cause in movie goers, that same effect was also done by 10 second shorter dialogues, often called as One liners and now popularly known as Punch dialogs. There are thousands of witty one liners and philosophical one liners and shorter dialogs in MGR movies, it is impossible to reproduce the entire catchy lines from MGR movies in our Blog but very important ones can be done. As a part of this mission and to enlighten some of young MGR Fans and MGR Admirers with help from MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu I will try to provide unique, exciting, creative catchy lines performed by MGR in his Movies.


Here I have given three dialogues from movies Sangay Muzhangu and Ayirathil Oruvan, the first dialog is from a Court scene during the climax were MGR tells about himself (the Character) but it suits his real life.



The Second dialogues are from Ayirathil Oruvan the famous witty one liners between MGR and M.N.Nambiyar. Enjoy and please comment and provide some more information from MGR movies regarding the dialogues.



  1. very very good work roop. thank you mr.sailesh. what you mentioned that it is impossible to include the one line dialog delivery is right we cannot put the ocean in a nut. but try as much as possible. most of thalaivar dialogs are used now a days by famous stars by giving a back ground music and makes it feel that these were original ones for example en vazhi thani vazhi was said? by thalaivar in nalai namathae the same was said by rajini with back ground music.
    nice work make it again i wish good luck to rmr.sailesh.

  2. ungal muyirchiku paratukal. thiru sailes basu avarkalugu en nandrigal. 3 vasanangalam nandraga ullathu. pala moorai intha video vai kettan.

  3. The real punch dialog creator of tamil movie is our M.G.R. people today think that ரஜினிகாந்த் was the person who created such punch dialogues. my father had told that not only actors use the dialogues of M.G.R. but also political members, one dialogue i will give in tamil, சொன்னதை செய்யுவோம் செய்வதை சொல்லுவோம் அன்னையின் பூமியே தெய்வமாய் எண்ணுவோம் this is phrase from in meenava nanban, song, this same used by ரஜினிகாந்த் in his movie and more it was used by stalin during 1989-91 period of dmk rule.

    உலக நாயகன் கமல் ரசிகன் – அருண் குமார்.

    Edited by Site Owner

  4. Very nice start. There are numerous such one liners in Thalaivar’s films.
    Examples : Meenava Nanban – En Meedhu oru thurumbu pattalum adhanoda vilaivu enna aagum theriyuma.
    Padagotti – Nambiyaar = Enge vandhu enna pesare?
    Thalaivar – En makkal kitte avanga ariyamaiyai pathi peseren.
    Netru Indru Naalai – Pattamgrathu makkala paarthu kodukkanum, namalla kodhukitta adhu thambattam.

    More will follow.

    • Thank you Sir these dialogues will be uploaded soon in our blog.

      • More one liners

        Naan Anaiyittal – Manohar = Naan Bayangaramanavan
        Thalaivar = Naan Bayapadathavan

        Padagotti – Thalaivar to Sarojadevi = Thalaivan engira peril makkaloda adimai ma naan.

        Nam Naadu – Thalaivar to Rangarao = Ennoda mudhal enna theriyuma? Ennoda naanayam, makkal en mela vachirukire nambikkai. Adhukku ennikume mosam varadhu.

      • Thank you very much Mr.Balu Sir these dialogues will be uploaded very soon.

  5. mr.bali thank you i will also provide more dialogues to roop.



  6. Thalaivar punch dilack :-“En vzhi thani vzhi” dilock in Nalai Namathe.
    after 25 years only Rajanikanth use same punch dilock and fame him self.

  7. eniki manishan kaienthurano anike avan sethan.
    Thalaiver “Nadoudi” patathula varum dilock.
    ethaveta vaizhkail thathuva dilock erukamudiyahu.

  8. Thalaivar Punch dialogues not only it is the dialogue

    But it is also we keep the same in our mind.

    Now a days all actors speak thalaivar dialogue but it is too late

  9. very very fine.

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