Punch Dialogs and One Liners in MGR Movies – II

The very first post for this title should be Marmayogi but due to time constrain I have now published this for all MGR Fans. The very first punch dialogs ever uttered in Silver screen by MGR was in Marmayogi. The movie which was released in 1951 and catapulted MGR to Super Stardom. The punch dialog for this movie was “கரிகாலன் குறி வைத்தால் தவற மாட்டான் தவறுமாயின் குறி வைக்கமாட்டான்” was often repeated by MGR.

marmayogi_mgr marmayogi_runing

Below is the Video from the movie “Marma Yogi” the famous punch dialog by MGR, the same punch dialog but with small modification. This is a part of the scene happening in the Court and before the Queen.

Please click the link “Marma yogi punch dialog” below to view the video.

Marma Yogi Punch Dialog from mgrmovies on Vimeo.

The images were provided by MGR Devotee Ramamurthy from T.Nagar and Movie ad from B.S.Raju, Editor Urimaikural Magazine.



  1. nice bit of work roop, keep it up and I like the water mark you have placed over the belt of thalaivar.



  3. very nice blog, informative, i am great fan of mgr, i really liked the photo of karikalan posted here, i also made a print, but the quality was not that good, can you send me the photo with good resolution. mgr is the master of punch dialogs wow, 1951 movie the punch is still felt.

    • I have sent the photo to your email. I also have this idea to send some rare images to MGR Devotees and Fans in future.

  4. sorry sir i forgot to mention please send a copy of the photo without srimgr.com thank you and much obliged.

  5. In 1973, ADMK won the by-election in Dindigul. That was a turning point in Tamil Nadu politics. I would like to know the votes polled by each party in that election. If available,paper clippings may also please be uploaded.

  6. Punch dialogue of MGR is super in Marmayogi and I like this dialogue very much

  7. நாடோடிமன்னன

    • Yes there are many punch dialogs in Nadodi Mannan. As there is copyrights issues I cannot upload Nadodi Mannan dialogs.

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