Nadodi Mannan Behind the Scenes Part II

Sri MGR Year 93, 21st November, Sunday


Nadodi Mannan the story of the Title

The catchy title name Nadodi Mannan, which was previously advertised as  Uthamaputhiran and due to settle the title clash the name was changed to Nadodi Mannan later. The Title was not just an accidental discovery. The title Nadodi Mannan goes beyond 2 years, MGR was in the shooting of “Chakravarthy Thirumagal” in Mysore. The shot for the day was fixed in an old Castle, there an aged Royal Lady lived with her two step daughters.


The shooting was delayed due to the arrival of horses, in the mean time, she welcomed MGR and introduced her two daughters. MGR was uncomfortable as he was sitting between two College girls (MGR was very shy in acting for romantic scenes of those days) they were asking lot of questions related to movie,  he some how answered and the production persons informed the shooting was cancelled for the day and that he has to come for the evening shoot in different location. MGR bid farewell to the royal lady and left for the Hotel.


On that same day evening one of the girl named Saritha came to that Hotel to meet MGR again, but he was in the shooting, she talked to his assistant (Emgeeyar Pictures Story Writer) Ravidran, why she wanted to meet MGR, she also mentioned that her Palace was featured in many number of movies and she had the opportunity to meet and come to know how actors they behaved with the employees of the palace and their characters, but MGR was different and he was a real Man so I want to meet and thank him for his behaviour.  She waited a long time and MGR called Ravindran that the shooting will be extended to midnight and asked her to go back and that he will meet her tomorrow in her home.


But Saritha with her sister came early the next morning to meet MGR, as the Hotel is also their own MGR knowing it still said what they like to eat that he will order. She said no problem without wasting much time MGR went into what she wanted, she said nothing special she was a face reader, and MGR’s face is like Edward VIII.


She continued that Edward VIII when he is 16 years old visited India and stayed with his Uncle in this same palace and one day he was missing people searched for him, he was watching snake charmers performance though he became King later and abdicated, he preferred to be a Wanderer.


Saritha also said that MGR face is looks like a King that he should be from a Royal lineage, he may be acting as a King in this movie today but tomorrow he will be a King and she was sure it will happen one day. MGR plainly said a Thanks and left for the shooting.


On the way to shooting MGR looked at Ravindran and told this trip is very fortunate that he got an idea for the Climax and title of the movie from King Edward VIII the King who due to Love abdicated and lived a life of Wanderer that is King and Wanderer (Nadodi Mannan).


Video: Interview with M.G.C.Chandran



The video work was done by MGR’s Grandson MGCB Pradeep, the title information is from Ravindran’s book on MGR.



  1. Dear Mr Chandran,

    very glad to see the album of your family with your chithappa who
    remains as global leader for us.

    you are so lucky to get such associationship with mgr to have the snap
    and understand your wish and generosity to share such jubilant moments
    with the fans too.

    like this snaps please send the snap for our records.

    ever regards from


    • Thanks for the comment Sir. We are planning to publish the family photos in Blog soon.

  2. absolutely wonderful information not known prior. thanks for the update.

  3. i missed about the photo of chandran that was awesome, take a look people at the photo did you see the chief minister M.G.R. sitting near his bro, no he is loving, caring and dutiful brother how simple he is. God we need this kind of people to rule tamilnad. wishes will come true.

  4. Very good. Wonderful information about a great personality. Thanks

  5. MGR truly a inspirational hero for many like due to his great character in films to help all type of people.

    Much can be known to present generation by publishing his life events / relevant family photographs etc.

  6. Glad to find this website and i am getting updates daily from this site. Good to know about news about thalaivar. No doubt he is the only legend who won in both cinema and politics and no one can become MGR hereafter.

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