MGR Fan T.Srinivasan

Sri MGR Year 93, 6th December, Monday


T.Srinivasan son of S.Thangarajan and T.Prema, a 26 year old MGR Fan from Chennai and Microbiologist by profession contacted me through our Blog quite some time regarding MGR images. He sent me some images which were coloured by him through Photoshop. Below are some of the images he has forwarded to me.








He had studied multimedia course and was well versed in Photoshop. These coloured images which appeared in the movie, he paused it and captured it as bmp image and worked in Photoshop to make it into colour.








He says that the black and white images can be coloured easily.








A novel idea by T.Srinivasan.




Yesterday I forwarded this black and white image from the movie Panakari to him and asked him to change into colour. Below is the result.




I did not add his name to this image due to space constraint.


Below is the extract from the mail and what T.Srinivasan thinks about our Beloved Leader MGR.


The first movie I watched is Enga veetu pillai and from then on I’m his fan.. I use to sing the song Naan Aanaital often when I was kid.. When I was four I watched his funerals live on T.V. sitting on my father’s lap in our neighbour’s house, as we don’t have T.V. that time.. And after reading so much about him I started liking him more.. I know more than 100 songs lyrics and got around 60 movies of him.. One of my shelf is occupied with all his data..

I like all his movies especially Enga veetu pillai, Kudiyiruntha kovil, Nadodi mannan, Ayirathil oruvan, Malaikallan, Naan aanayital, Ninaithathai mudipavan , Maatukara velan, Ulagam sutrum vaaliban.. In all these movie I like Dialogues, story, songs, MGR’s Mannerism and he will be much active when compared to other movies.. No one will fit to do the character that he played in all these movies..

As eariler mentioned by one of MGR Fan Selva in comment that not only MGR is talented his fans are also talented and comes out with this kind of creativity.


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  1. most commendable work by srini sir. i like 1, 4 and 5th photos.

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