Martial Arts Expert

Sri MGR Year 93, 15th December, Wednesday


Film goers know well that MGR excels in Fight scenes. He was top rated action artist in whole of India.


There are many movies which he showed the talent in action scenes, though the fight scenes were directed by Stunt Master, the scenario was conceived by MGR.


His swashbuckling talent is well known in Tamil Film World. There is still nobody to beat him. Performing sword fight by a right handed person is an ordinary, how about performing the same accuracy with left hand by a right hand person. That was done by one and only our beloved Leader MGR.


Here is the Video of the Left handed fight done by MGR in the movie Neerum Nerupum. This video was uploaded by jgv3m, I am using this in our blog without his consent.



Watch the video clip from 3 minutes onwards.



  1. very good fight scene and this the climax shot

  2. THalaivar used two hands in many raja rani movies, others also but only he does it perfectly

  3. Neerum Nerupum in this move like no one do the different like this, the douple action acting and fight secin thalaiver body language his super.

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