MGR Devotee from Bangalore

Sri MGR Year 94, 27th February, Sunday


My name is Satish I am MGR pithan. This is the first word he spoke when he called me from Bangalore. I said do not say that say you are MGR Devotee that is the right word.


He did not take up my word he insisted that he is fine in saying MGR pithan.


I asked him how did he got my number and what he need from me, he said that he want MGR’s signature to fix it as a sign in his car, I told I will send him a copy via mail. And further I asked him, do you have email, he said yes I am having and I regularly reading your blog.


The next day I sent the scanned MGR signature to him and forgot about that. After some days he started to call me regularly and spends at least 30 minutes. I did not ask how old he was, I thought from his speech that he will around the age of 35 to 40.


Recently when MGCB Pradeep visited my home he accompanied with him when he told that he was Satish I was astonished a younger MGR Devotee Satish is 25 years old.




He is the son of K.R.Ganesh and Radha, he studied upto 10th standard. When Satish was 7 years old he watched his first MGR movie Kudieruntha Kovil in Thirumala Talkies situated in HSR layout . On that instance he says he wanted to become a Driver, because in the first scene of the movie MGR enters the Record room and steals the records and escapes in his car. He says that stylish car driving gave an idea to become a Driver.


He first worked as a Taxi driver and now he has his own Travels named after MGR’s Mother “Sathya Travels”.




In the back side of the car he has written the words “THE LEGEND STILL CONTINUES TO LIVE IN MILLIONS OF HEART” followed by MGR signature.






Satish most liked MGR song is Kanpona pokilay, the action scene was MGR, M.N.Nambiyar fight in Ayirathil Oruvan just before the climax scene and acting part which made him cry were two movies one is En Thangai and another is Petral than Pillaiya, MGR performance of long dialog delivery was very much impressive in Kundukili.


He has good collection of MGR Books, MGR photos, most of MGR acted movies, MGR song CDs etc.



  1. a great devoted devotee, thalaivar sign in car a novelty. thalaivar always clicks

  2. his role model is sri. mgr i became a fan of thalaivar after meeting satish he’s a brother and a good friend to me.

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