Golden Jubilee Year Thirudathe

Sri MGR Year 94, 23rd March, Wednesday


There was a myth that MGR is only good at Historical and period movies his get up and acting is not suited for social themes, I cannot understand why MGR was stamped in such a way, a general look at how many Social movies were released before Thirudathe. This was taken into account after MGR acted as Hero.

(1) Paithiyakaran – 1947 (Second Hero)

(2)Andaman Kaithi – 1952

(3) En Thangai – 1952

(4) Nam – 1953

(5) Panakari – 1953 (MGR acted as Count Vronsky of Anna Karenina novel)

(6) Malai Kallan – 1954

(7) Kundukili – 1954

(8) Thaikupin tharam – 1956

(9) Thai magaluku katiya thali – 1959

and Thirudathe – 1961. In En Thangai, Nam, Malai Kallan and Thaikupin tharam movies MGR used dhoti instead of Pant and other movies MGR attired in modern dress. But still some says that MGR first successful Social movie in which MGR used modern dress in Thirudathe.


After the stupendous success of Nadodi Mannan and his stage accident in Sirghazli 0n 16.6.1959 MGR movie releases subsequently were not equivalent to the collection did by Nadodi Mannan this kind of drawback gave an impression that MGR’s career is centered on historical or period films and he cannot fare in Social oriented movies.


The myth finally vanished with the release of Thirudathe on 23rd March 1961. The movie become the highest grosser. This movie gave MGR the needed uplift to another stage in his golden career and social movie become the center stage and historical or period movie in back seat.




Sarojadevi was booked as Heroine for this movie and her debut film in Tamil was Thirudathe but MGR gave an opportunity to Sarojadevi to act as another heroine for his home production Nadodi Mannan and the movie was released 2½ years before Thirudathae.


In MGR’s autobiography “Nan En Piranthen” the movie Thirudathe occupies an entire chapter and his outlook. The movie was planned to be released as soon as possible and for this reason MGR preferred a new face as heroine.


MGR mentions in Chatper 4 அகந்தைக்கு கிடைத்த அறிவரை – ………நான் எப்போது கால்ஷீட் கொடுத்தாலும் அவங்க வந்து நடிக்கனும் அதை மாறாக்காமல் குறிப்பிட்டு ஒப்பந்தம் செய்து கொள்ளுங்கள். This was the condition MGR advised to A.L.Srinivasan when Saroja Devi was booked for the movie. MGR further mentions that the words were said just plainly taking into consideration the progress of the movie and not that he is a very busy actor and not to waste his call sheets.


But after his accident in 16.6.1959 in Sirkazhi and the movie was delayed not only for this reason but also to complete his other movie also. Only one movie was released in 1959 and three movies in 1960. By 1960 when shooting was in progress for Thirudathe Saroja Devi was a Big Star by then. MGR mentions frankly that Saroja Devi become a busy actress and he had to adjust for her call sheet. How many of us will tell this truth to public, but only MGR did. That is why he is praised as God today.


He worked day and night without a break for 10 days to complete the Climax of the movie. His love for labour and his good nature paid him with success.


The Story of Thirudathe

Balu is a small time thief once he happens to steal money from Sarojadevi’s brother who is the breadwinner of the family. After his death the family has to be taken care by Balu, his stealing attitude changes when his mother came to know that his son was a thief and sacrifices her life. How the family is saved is the rest of the story.


At the start of the movie, the entire story is said in one single line by  M.N.Nambiyar after stealing from MGR, looking at the Camera says he may be king in larceny but I am the Emperor of Burglary. The entire story is not for MGR I feel, but the other half of the story is the real MGR phenomena, it gave a meaty role to perform. MGR does the role of Balu with absolute ease, a torn shirt with a hat is the representation and Thangavel in the comic role his antics are rip roaring. As usual Villain was M.N.Nambiyar extra ordinary makeup and the Boss who gives hurdles to MGR.


In action scenes MGR is always the best, fight inside the house of M.N.Rajam using the household materials for defense this natural fight is still used in Jackie Chan movies. The climax fight is worth mentioning the fight takes place in the light of rolling table lamp we will be in our edge of the seat before the fight finishes. Just see the movie if you have the CD.


The philosophical song "Thirudathae papa Thirudathae" is the top most in the film, the lyric is by Pattukottai Kalyanasundaram depicting about the evil of stealing, look at the last stanza he gives the solution how to eliminate the robbery from the World..


திட்டம் போட்டு திருடற கூட்டம் திருடி கொண்டே இருக்குது,

அதை சட்டம் போட்டு தடுகிற கூட்டம் தடுத்து கொண்டே இருக்குது.

திருடாராய் பார்த்து திருந்தாவிட்டால் திருட்டை ஓழிக்க முடியாது,


First 55 minutes of the movie was uploaded by some one in Internet name not known.



Thirudathe papa song uploaded by Rajshri Tamil in You Tube.


Song Link


We team and MGCB Pradeep planned to do some interview with the crew of this movie and upload important photos but unfortunately due to Election work MGCB Pradeep has to take leave. We will dedicate an entire post for this Golden Jubilee Year of Thirudathae soon.



  1. wonderful post roop, god bless you.

  2. i saw this film during my summer holiday in 1961 in barat in madras.

  3. it is barath and not barat a spelling mistake sorry.

  4. Wonderful post and thank you very much for the information provided and shared in net.

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