Makkal Thangam MGR

Sri MGR Year 94, 1st April, Friday


Mekala Chitravel is a novelist. Her father Illamvazhuthi a lawyer by profession was the first elected DMK MLA from Kadaloor constituency, she has mentioned in the front page that her Father has predicted MGR will become the Chief Minister in future when his fans reach voters age.


Mekala Chitravel has collected the datas with 5 important questions: the questions are:

Which characteristic trait you (MGR Fan) liked in MGR?

The most liked movie of MGR?

Favourite song in MGR Movie?

Did you see MGR in person?

If so what feeling you had?


MGR Devotees and MGR Fans from all walks of life have given their thoughts and feelings about MGR.


The author has cleverly interspersed the interviews with MGR informations and images thus making the book more enjoyable.


The professions of MGR Devotees and Fans who were interviewed are Doctors, Engineers, Writers, Businessmen, Bank Officers, Housewife, Government servants, Professors, Teachers, Social worker, Priests,  Director from Archeology department, Event Managers, IT Employees, Carpenters, Auto, Tricycle and Car Drivers and self employed. From Hindus, Muslims and Christians, from Rich and poor were interviewed.


Most of MGR fans have liked the helping nature of MGR and referred this as Quality of God. That is why MGR is termed as Icon of Humanity.


The movies such as Nadodi Mannan, Ayirathil Oruvan, Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, En Thangai, Pasam, Petral Than Pillaiya, Enga Veetu Pillai, Nam Nadu, Nalai Namathey, Pallandu Vazhga, Olivilaku, Padagoti, Kudieruntha Kovil, Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum, Asai Mugam, Nallavan Vazhvan, Ragasiya Police 115, were their favourite movies (Only one movie was the option for every MGR Fan).


The songs they choose were all philosophical positive energy vibrating songs no sad songs. The songs such as Nan Aanai Ittal from Enga Veetu Pillai, Thirudathe papa from Thirudathe, Thungathey thambi from Nadodi Mannan, Acham enbathu from Mannathi Mannan, Kan pona pokile from Panam padaithavan, Kannai nambathey from Ninaithathai Mudipavan, Unnai arinthal from Vettaikaran, Sirithu vazha from Ulagam Sutrum Valiban, Thai illalamal from Adimai penn, Nalla peyrai from Nam Nadu, Yen endra Kelvi from Ayirathil Oruvan, Naloru medai from Asai Mugam, Mondru ezhuthil from Deivathai, Ulagam piranthathu from Pasam etc.


Those who have saw MGR in person, his Fans belonging to Muslim and Christian community have expressed that MGR is the Gods Messenger and Hindus as the Incarnation of God.


Some of the interviews made me cry that much help was provided by MGR to the needy. One MGR Fan Bachar Ali from Kizhakarai has narrated his family’s indebtedness to Philanthropist MGR. His father died and his family suffered economically and her mother with her children came to Chennai and went to meet MGR in his Ramavaram Gardens, MGR was getting ready for Panam Padaithavan shooting so they waited for him after an hour MGR came back from shooting and he was wearing a Black pant and Black Red Shirt, he asked what was the problem and his mother explained MGR comforted her for her loss and gave 5000 rupees (nowadays it is worth in lakhs). With that philanthropic help of MGR they purchased a house and started their own business now they are referring him as the light of their life.


Another incident narrated by MGR Devotee Singaram from Pondichery that who do not like MGR often say that MGR paints his face and patches to look fair. He wanted to clear the doubt so one day when he got the chance to meet MGR in person with other friends asked for the permission to touch his hands, MGR nodded he first touched his hands and felt like rock and then he touched his face and observed that the skin tone is natural and it is colour of rose. MGR mockingly said Is your doubt cleared? after that whenever someone says that MGR colour is make up he goes up for fight.


The Book was published by Kalai Thai Pathipagam, No.19, Roja Street, Kurinji Nagar, Porur, Chennai- 600 116, Land line number is 24826832 (add Chennai code). Total number of pages 320, book price is Rs.100/-



  1. i have read makkal thangam it is worth buying.

  2. you have written a nice review

  3. let me introduce myself i am Indian and permanently residing in Canada (Saskatchewan) i am 59 years old, i regularly read our makkal thilagam website regularly with help of my grandson (daughters son). we are malayali by birth i love makkal thilagam. he is more than a malayali he lived and served for tamil people no body in this world has that quality.

  4. coming back is that authors like mrs.mekala have done lot of work to spread the word of makkal thilagam, it is amazing to me that after makkal thilagam has left us this books are still printed and published and spreading the word of makkal thilagam is not only amazing i did not have words when i read this review i was trembling how much love the tamil people has given to makkal thilagam, since i am old man i think how many will remember me after my death my family consisting of my two daughters and their children after that circle who will be, i think none, but makkal thilagam is gifted person a god incarnation i can say. long live his fame. may god give support to his people. i wish mrs.mekala a good luck. thank you for your patient reading of my comment.

    • Dear Balan Nair Sir thank you very much for you comment, MGR Fans like you reading this blog gives me immense pleasure and boost to work tirelessly.

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