Punch Dialogs and One Liners in MGR Movies VI

Sri MGR Year 94, 12th April, Tuesday


Pardon for the long gap of uploading MGR One liners and punch dialog post. Here I have uploaded two punch dialogs from the movie Nam Nadu.


The first video showcases MGR’s real personality and why MGR was always victorious in public life.


Dialog scene from Nam Nadu between MGR and Rangarao.



This video was already uploaded now it is again added as an eye opener for Election time (use of money to buy votes). Crores of Rupees were seized daily the news are flashed in the media. What did MGR say?






The audio part was provided by MGR Devotee Sailesh Basu without him this post is not possible.


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  1. sir i have been watching the happenings in madras right through cable channels i did not believe that people were so cheap they fall for money if this continues a revolution will form. i hope and pray to the almighty GOD and surrender to his lotus feet that such kind of situation should not arise in any of my states in INDIA.

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