100 Days Theaters in Madurai

Sri MGR Year 94, 12th May, Thursday


Madurai is known as Fort of MGR. Many MGR movies crossed 100 days in Madurai. Here are the Theaters that have released MGR movies in Madurai from 1947 to 1978.


Alankar (Sri Lakshmi) Central, Chintamani, Chandra (Santhi), New Cinema, Meenatchi, Thangam, Sri Devi, Kalpana, Cine Priya, Mini Priya, Movie Land.


The movies which crossed 100 days and more are:



Theater Name

Total Movies released

Movie Names which completed more than 100 days

1. Alankar 10 Baghdad Thirudan
Nalla Neram
Pallanadu Vazhga
2. Central 11 Kulabaghavali
Madurai Veeran
Enga Veetu Pillai
En Annan
Indru Pol Endrum Vazhga
3 Chintamani 21 Rajakumari
Marma Yogi
Maruthanattu Illavarasi
Alibabavum Narpathu Thirudargalum
Anbay Vaa
Adimai Penn
Mattukara Velan
Engal Thangam
Netru Indru Nalai
Meenava Nanban
4 Chandra (Shanthi) 4 Manthiri Kumari
Thaiku Pin Tharam
5 Cine Priya 1 Urimaikural
6 Kalpana 10 Thai Sollai Thatathae
Thayai Katha Thanaiyan
7 Meenatchi 7 Oli Vilakku
Nam Nadu
Ulagam Sutrum Valiban
Ninaithathai Mudipavan
Neethiku Thalaivanangku
8 Mini Priya 1
9 Movie Land 1
10 New Cinema 15 Mohini
En Thangai
Nethikupin Pasam
Kudieruntha Kovil
11 Sri Devi 11 Thirudathe
Panakara Kudumbam
12 Thangam 18 Malai Kallan
Nadodi Mannan


The above data was provided by S.Kumar a MGR Devotee from Madurai. I have already posted about S.Kumar previously here is the link.


Click here for the Link



  1. Where is Aayirathil Oruvan?

    • According to the records given to me Ayirathil Oruvan is 99 days movie.

  2. டியர் ரூப,
    ‘நீதிக்கு தலை வணங்கு’ படம் மதுரை மீனாட்சி தியேட்டரில் 100 நாட்கள் ஓடியதாக குரிப்பிட்டிருக்கிரிர்கள். ஆனால் 100 வது நாள் செய்தித்தாள் விளம்பரத்தில் சென்னை தேவிகலா, மகராணி திருச்சி – ஜுபிடர் சேலம் – சங்கம் ஆகிய நாலு அரங்குகள் மட்டுமே உள்ளன. மதுரையில் ஓடியதா?.

    • Sorry for the late reply as I have not published this article in our main blog I did not check the comments, now I updated about MGR Statue in Malaysia post and found that the comment is long pending. Once again sorry for the delay. Regarding 100 days of Neethiku Thalaivangku it is a error. When I started to input into the tabular column I first typed all the movies released in the theaters and one by one started to delete the movies which have not crossed 100 days neethiku thalaivangu appeared to me as neethiku pin pasam (time was nearly 12.30 pm or so when I finished publishing the post.)

  3. Hello sir I am ardent MGR Fan,,Recently adimai penn was released in Bangalore and I went and watched in movie hall..It was priceless..specially the Theater was so alive for the song Thai illamal Naan illai..Fans distributed laddu inside theater….it was so mesmerizing …..and My son was so so shocked to see what can MGR do to his Fans even after so many years….He is LEGEND.

  4. iam a big fan of makkal thilagam,i know he is a legend so i want more & more information about ponmanachemmal & i want puratchi thalaivar film records.

    • Dear Sir, Thank you very much for your comment. I have been giving the records from 2006. Please go through.

  5. Other Movies released and days of run may also be furnished please

  6. In which theatre at Madurai Ayirathil Oruvan was released and how many days ran, since in the same year 1965 Enga Veetu Pillai was also released and pushed other films. In Chennai it was super hit. In Thangam theatre if one film runs upto 50 days is equal to more than 100 days in other theatre as the seats were more than 2500, the biggest one in Asia in those days.

  7. Similarly, Salem, Tirunelveli 100 days MGR movies may also be furnished.

    In Virudhunagar, to my knowledge, Madurai Veeran, Chakravarthi Thirumagal, Enga Veetu Pillai ran 100 days.

    • Thanks for the comment sir. We had complied 100 days theaters list of Salem, Comibatore, Trichy, Kumbhakonam and shortly they will be posted in our MGR Blog.

    • Ulagam sutrum valiban also ran 100 days in Virudhunagar

  8. Sir chinamani theater cloes panitagala
    nala varalaturu sarpu miga theater

    theter epa run panuvaga

  9. .கலங்கரை விளக்கம், விவசாயி போன்றவை வெற்றிப்படங்கள் இல்லையா?

    • The list I have given is for movies which have crossed 100 days.

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