Adimai Penn in Bangalore II

Sri MGR Year 94, 27th June, Monday


MGR Devotee from Bangalore Vinod has forwarded these images to share with our blog. I have uploaded some of the images and the videos of the unprecedented crowd thronging for old movies will be uploaded soon.




MGR Fans eagerly waiting to see the movie Emgeeyar Pictures Adimai Penn which was released this week 5 centres in Bangalore and one in KGF.




The cinema hall was clothed with MGR Banners.




Even a new movie did not have this much banners.



Not only MGR fans placed banners those who liked MGR also fixed lots of banners one such banner is the above image. Our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR with Kannada Superstar Dr.Rajkumar.




How many tiers of Garland?




This banner placed by the Fans of Vishnu Vardhan, welcoming MGR movie Adimai Penn.







And our own Kamal and Rajni Fans welcoming audience.




Live coverage was given by local cable TV about the crowd pull and how people enjoyed the show. This is one theater for example. More images will be uploaded in our next post. Evening and Night show was housefull.


These images were taken in Bangalore – Natraj DTS.



  1. Evergreen superstar MGR

  2. One thing is very Clear…this generation will never understand the Hysteria of MGR movies…Like ulagam sutrum valiban….Nalai Nadmade….ayirathil oruvan….thedivanda mapillai…meenava Nanban…..kudiyirunda koil….etc,,,MGR was a Legend…Just seeing him in screen was enough..he loved his Mother on screen so much……Never smoked..never drank….taught principles and ethics in his movies…can anyone challenge his messages……his physic….his smartness..his fighting skills… one can be born as MGR. It is One and Only MGR.

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