Olivilakku 43rd Year

Sri MGR Year 94, 19th September, Monday


20th September 2011 is the 43rd Year of release of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR starrer movie Olivilakku. Gemini S.S.Vasan who was the story writer for MGR’s first movie Sathileelavathi was the Producer of MGR’s 100th movie Olivilakku. The movie was released on 20th September 1968 all over South.









This is the ad given in paper.






The story of Olivilakku:


Muthu (MGR) is an orphan who survives by stealing, years pass by, one day he sleeps in front of a Bank and robbery takes place, there he tries to save the security and happens to see a lady as the car driver. He gets hurt and mistakenly arrested for robbery. He was sentenced to jail, after his return Muthu asks the Police officer (V.S.Raghavan) to accompany him to show who is the real person to be arrested there he fails to indentify the culprit, but follows Geetha (Jayalalitha) who was the car driver. She falls in love with Muthu while they were talking the villain (Asokan) sends his henchman (Puthur Natarajan) to hurt Muthu and act as a dead person, Geetha shoots the henchman and Muthu falls to Villain’s  plan.




Muthu executes the planned robbery with success and he was given an opportunity to steal from a wealthy landlord. Muthu goes to a village at the same time the village befalls into epidemic and everyone leaves their houses, but only one Santhi (Sowcar Janaki) a young widow who was in her death bed and she was abandoned by her family. Muthu sees her condition and takes her to his home and treats her. Shanthi’s family files a complaint that she was kidnapped by someone.



Santhi came to know that Muthu is a thief and she begs to change his attitude. Muthu tries and goes on hunting for the job there he was rejected by several person quoting him as he was a jail bird. Poverty strikes the life of Muthu, both of them faces starvation. To put an end to the misery Muthu meets the Villain who offers a new project, Muthu agrees because that will be his last robbery.








On the day of the robbery Santhi stops Muthu from executing the plan, at the same time fire erupts in nearby house and Muthu saves a little girl and gets severally hurt. The Doctor tells them that he is in critical state and anything can happen, the whole colony people from all parts of life, religion and caste prays for his health. And the prayer gets answered. The colony people helps Muthu by providing food.


This song was the great prayer in 1984 when our Puratchi Thalaivar fell ill and treated in Brooklyn Hospital.




Geetha happens to see that the henchman who acted as a dead person is alive takes him to Muthu’s home. Muthu beats the Villain and destroys the paper and frees Geetha from the clutches, but Geetha mistakes that Muthu is in love with Shanthi, as a last chance Villain says that Geetha will marry Muthu only when Shanthi gets separated from him she consents for the plan, but the Villain sends his friend R.S.Manohar who is already an enemy of Muthu to finish him once and for all. Same time Shanthi who is in verge of getting assets through his family was abducted by Villain.


Manohar’s plan of finishing Muthu back fires and Manohar tells about the plan of the Villain. Muthu rushes to save Shanthi but she gets fatally wounded. The police arrive, the kidnap case and robbery case against Muthu was cleaned by Shanthi’s statement and she asks her advocate to use the money for the poor and orphans and she breaths her last.


A lighted lamp and the photo of Shanthi shows that she is the Olivilakku of Muthu and Geetha.

This is the 100th Tamil film of MGR. 100th movie is a rare feat for heroes and the planning of 100th movie is always taken care. This is said by Cho, that MGR is no different but one he differs from others is that he did not participate in the celebration of Olivilakku release he went on for the shooting of his another movie.

No hero actor has given importance to another character for their 100th movie. Even such importance were given the character should be either Heroes Mother or his Lover. The character importance was given to Sowcar Janaki who portrayed as the young widow, in this movie she is not the Mother or his Lover.

MGR who was in the image trap did not even considered another story he took up the chance of acting with a negative role for his 100th movie a very risky endeavour.

The movie has 6 songs, Nan kanda kanvil, Dhaireeyamaga soll nee, Nanga Puthusa, Rukumaniye, Andavane un, Mampazha thottam.

Eight MGR movies were released in 1968, of this Kudieruntha Kovil, Olivilakku and Ragasiya Police 115 were super hits. Olivilakku reached 100 days in three theaters they are Madurai Meenatchi, Kumbakonam Vijayalakhsmi and Trichy Raja, 98 days in Broadway. The movie was a huge hit in Srilanka during first release and subsequent releases.

The first scene were a small boy runs down the slope and emerges as MGR is creative thinking of those days, the theater turned hysteric on that scene. MGR who acts as an atheist in this movie and how he treats Sowcar Janaki when she prays and when people ask her to wear kumkum and how MGR speaks to that situation are superb portrayal of MGR character. These kind of dialogues can only be seen in MGR movies.

MGR was given colourful costumes. He with Jayalalitha acted as Kuravan and Kurathi for a song number. MGR mimicking the antics of Kuravan was excellent and earned their support even now MGR is considered as God to them.

Andavane unpathangalai –  sung by P.Susheela turned to be the prayer of MGR loving people all over the World during 1984 November and December. The song was projected in several theaters during interval as a prayer to bring back the then Chief Minister MGR back home safely.

Some facts of Olivilakku movie release: by S.Vinod

Gemini Film First colour Film.

Gemini’s first Tamil movie ran 25 weeks at Srilanka and 21 weeks at Madurai, Tamilnadu.

100 days at Kumbakonam, Raja – Trichy  and 5 theatres in Srilanka 98 days at Chennai  Broadway. Record collection in Bangalore. The movie was released in Bangalore and reached 8 weeks in Swastik, New city and Lakshmi.

10 – 12  weeks  in 20 Theatres.

More than 50 days  in 35 theatres.

2nd release this movie created a lot of records wherever it was released.

5 theatres in Chennai, 3 theatres in Vellore – Lakshmi – Taj and Crown.











MGR Devotees S.Vinod from Bangalore and Tirupur Ravichandran who have guided me for this post. A special thanks for them.


The images are provided by MGR Devotee Ramamurthy from T.Nagar, B.S.Raj Editor of Urimaikural and MGR Devotee S.Vinod and C.S.Kumar.



  1. superb piece of work roop. thank you vinod and ravi for your commendable work and helping to bring this post. i will follow the comment soon.

    • Thank you for your comment sir, first comment within 15 minutes.



  3. Excellent Post.
    MGR Bakthargal

    • Thank you Mr.Sailesh Basu Sir and Ravikumar Sir.


  5. All information is worth able collection, in 1968 first time tamil movie printed 6 sheets poster for Thalaiverin ”OLIVILAKKU”.

    • Thank you for the information Kalaimani Sir.

      • great.our thalaivar’s movies will be remmembered for many more years to come for their essence .

        mgr bhaktan padmamohan chennai

      • Thank you Padmamohan for your comment.

  6. excellent work by thalaivar fan. a mistake is “Same time Shanthi who is in verge of getting assets through his family was abducted by Villain” you should say Same time Shanthi who is in verge of getting assets through her family was abducted by Villain” and her and not his.

    • Thanks for pointing out the mistake. And thank you for commenting.

  7. i want to know the vote details of Dindigul byelection 1973 for my record. Can you please help me.

    • Dear Bali Sir, I am checking my collection I will find out and post it in our Blog within two weeks.

  8. Dear Sir,

    Guess, you had forgot to mention 3 movies of Sivaji Ganesan in Box Office hits that had 100 days plus run.

    They are
    1) Uyarndha Manidhan
    2) Galatta Kalyanam
    3) Enga Oor Raja.
    Though En Thambi didnt run 100 days, it was definitely a box office hit film. Since it didnt run 100 days, you need not count.

    But, I think, you cannot bypass the other 3 Films. This means both Thalaivar and Annan had 4 Box office hits each.

    Sridharan Mahendran

    • Sorry Sir the post is about MGR only and about the 43rd year of Olivilakku.

      The box office record is given by S.Vinod who had given the highest grosser for 1968 Tamil movies.

      Whatever it is Sir your comment along with the box office of Nadigar Thilagam success in 1968 will be noted by others.

      Thanks you so much for your comment.

  9. Not many are aware that when the rush of the song ‘Dhairiammaga Sol Née Manithanthaana’ was played in the studios after completion at night the director lamented that it would have been better if there is one more MGR character is included. He said this quite loudly and from the back of the confined audience a familiar figure stood up. It was none other than MGR himself who was watching the rush incognito so as to get the feedback. MGR agreed with the suggestion and without wasting anytime proceeded to don the make-up for this additional character. The shooting was completed in the wee hours of the morning and the whole crew was surprised at MGR’s willingness to cooperate at that unearthly hour.

    • Thanks for your feedback, the above is not heard by any MGR fans.

      • It was stated by none other than MS Viswanathan himself in his series of articles in Ananda Vikatan way back in the early nineties. He also went on to say that he had had a tiff with Vaali over this song as it bore semblance to Kannadhasan’s ‘Yaarada Manithan Ingey’ song (Lakshmi Kalyanam 1968). It was MGR who sorted out this argument after listening to both the lyrics. He affirmed that both the lyrics were different hence this song was included. MSV was amazed with MGR’s sharpness in making comparisons. Both these incidents appeared in the same article.

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