MGR And Microphone

Sri MGR Year 94, 16th October, Sunday


Microphone or mic or mike has extensive use in media, a microphone is a device which converts acoustic power into electric power. Microphones convert sound waves into electrical voltages that are eventually converted back into sound waves through speakers. They were first used with early telephones and then radio transmitters.


Subsequently in dramas and in cinemas microphones are used. The voice of our beloved Leader Puratchi Thalaivar MGR is heard today, it is because they were recorded with use of microphones.


MGR Devotee Tirupur Ravichandran has forwarded a post about MGR using the microphone in political stages, Cinema and other functions. Some of the images are scanned by him and some are taken from India glitz website. I am using it without their consent.






The above images are from MGR and Jayalalitha in Mattukara Velan outdoor shooting. The other image is a speech given by MGR when he was in DMK.


Dramas, Cinemas and stages everywhere many leading personalities have used the microphone to express their ideas, MGR is no different but the only difference is what he spoke through the mic was truth and mesmerized the people.




MGR as the Chief Guest giving a speech about the Drama.




This image is from an United States visit by MGR not as an Actor but as a Politician. He was lecturing about the economic conditions in Tamil Nadu and how he will change when his party gets elected, this was taken in Mount Senario College, Wisconsin.




Another political stage speech of MGR.




Kids are seen near MGR, see the reaction of the kid near MGR.








Two are different images but looks as one.




As the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MGR giving out speeches to the public functions.






Watch the size of the microphone you can see the growth of the technology.




The above image is MGR giving a speech over All India Radio.




In Government Function.




This is the swearing in ceremony of MGR as the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, an Actor who successfully became the Chief Minister and ruled Tamil Nadu for 11 Golden Years.


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