Dindukal Election Victory

Sri MGR Year 94, 20th November, Sunday


When MGR was ousted from DMK on 10th October 1972, his fans and public were against such an atrocious act. MGR came to understand that the people wishing him to start a party. On 17th October 1972 MGR formed Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam in front of Millions.


The party was not even 8 months old when by election for Dindukal Lok Sabha Constituency was announced. MGR was in the field of releasing Emgeeyar Pictures Ulagam Sutrum Valiban. There was hurdles placed before him by the ruling party. The theater owners were threatened some withdrew from the agreement most of them stood on the side of MGR. Ulagam Sutrum Valiban was released on 11.5.1973 and the response was recorded in history.




After the stupendous success news MGR turned his attention to Dindukal Lok Sabha, he announced Mayadevar a lawyer to contest on behalf of ADMK. MGR Fans club members voluntarily entered into election campaign one such member was MGR Devotee S.Vinod, he said that people expectations were that ADMK will surely win the election, but DMK propagated false news, MGR fans did not cared they did their job with 100% dedication and lifted their Leader from an Actor to an undefeated Political Party Leader.




The election was held on 20.5.1973 and the result was announced on 22.5.1973, the seeds of victory sown by the people and the first victory of ADMK and also that this election recognised MGR as one of most important Political Power of Tamil Nadu to reckon with. It is not an easy task for a budding political party and the Party Leader MGR with one hand fighting with his film career and another contesting in this election, 8 month old ADMK against three big parties (Syndicate Congress, DMK and Indira Congress).


The DMK party printed posters before the results that MGR has suffered the defeat. But the result was different the one they imagined.


Poll Date : 20.5.1973

Total Voters : 6,43,704

Votes Polled : 5,05,253


Party Candidate Name Votes received
ADMK K.Mayadevar 2,60,824
Syndicate Congress V.C.Sithan 1,19,032
DMK Pon Muthuramalingam    93,496
Congress (I) Seemaisamy    11,423


Seemai Samy of Congress (I), Suryamuthu, Sethrama Devar, Govindasamy, Vadhadesikan lost their deposit. ADMK won the by election by a margin of 1,41,792 votes a record unbeatable by any new party in India. And it has received nearly 52% of the votes polled.




One of our regular MGR Blog reader Mr.Bali requested me to share the vote details. I have searched my collection but only able to get the actual votes received by ADMK and approximate votes of DMK and Syndicate congress. But I called many MGR Devotees across South India and they updated me within 4 hours. The actual credit goes to MGR Devotee Bangalore S.Vinod, Tirupur Ravichandran and MGCB Pradeep.





The same victory was recorded in his Movie Netru Indru Nalai for the song “Thambi Nan Padichen Kanchiyela”. This video was taken by me during the re-release of Netru Indru Nalai in Mahalakshmi theater. You can feel the enjoyment even today by the claps of people.


MGR images was given by MGR Devotee T.Nagar Ramamurthy.



  1. thanks sir for the post people like me who have not born on those years are very much interested to share the facts with our friends making them understand the power of M.G.Ramachandran.

  2. dear friends first of all just look at the result of vote received by admk it is 260824 and if you calculate the votes received by other parties viz dmk, congress syndicate, congress(i) it counts to 223951 not even equalling thalaivar’s contestant mayadevar votes.

  3. another beauty is that adding the other votes received by independents it comes to 20478 adding this to all the other parties it sums to 244429 all members bowed down to thalaivar. the greatest victory to admk. what do you say.

    • MGR got 52% votes when every other votes against is 48% obviously each candidate bowed to MGR. Thank you for your comments.

  4. Dear Friends
    During Dindugal bye election i met Dr MGR so many times and i still remember Mr K. Kamaraj had not completed his Eletion tour…he openly told friends hereafter MGr…and it was a lesson to all
    I bet of 1000 rs on that day from a higher officer in Tamilnadu since he was DMK…
    I stopped buying my last Murasoli in october 17 1972
    so it was a such a big revolution….
    i thank my dear Friend Roop

    • Dear sir,
      That was a great sharing of past MGR events. It is even more interesting when sir telling your personal experiences. On behalf of other MGR fans i would like to thank you so much and let the god almighty give you long live to share this wonderful life.Pse continue share with us as often as possible. God bless you.

      • Thanks for the comment Sir.

      • Hello My dear Dr MGR Loyalists…
        Now we have best time
        now we have best years to go ahead
        we have best year 2012
        now Dr Amma has terminated all evil forces around her..
        Now Dr Amma has promised to see that Big rats would not be back to the prosperity fields which Dr MGr OUr Idhya Deivam had established with care and for poor and see Tamilnadu prospers ..in 1972
        Now is the Time for Dr Amma to establish an MGRs Emphire forever…
        we all bless her to be a Part of National govt at Centre…
        Have you ever seen …people talking only three magical words ….MGR….
        so we are double happy to see MGRs Golden Rule by our great Leader Dr Amma…
        I went to poes garden after 25 years to submit my New year Greetings to Dr Amma
        we all wish she should become the Prime Minister of India
        so we are all set to see MGRs wave prevails all over Tamilnadu and Now India

  5. ஏற்றிய ஏணியை தூற்றிய பேருக்கு
    இதுதான் பாடமையா
    நாளிதழ் சொல்வதை நாட்டினில் நடப்பதை
    கண்கொண்டு பாருமையா

    MGR Bakthargal

  6. thanks for giving this information sir

  7. Although, I am not there in their
    presence , netru indru nalai the clapping ,shouting, whistling for the song ‘ tambi nan padichen…..woh’ he is still living!!!
    The legend who planted himself in every living soul! Long live mgr’s fame !

    • sir
      Iam so happy to share my thoughts on what happened in 1972. soon after MGR was expelled from DMK, during that time i was an officer in travel..i remember well how the state was under the spell of MGR ,,,,so it was for the first time a political Leader was expelled from a Party of DMK…but the reactions are historic and nearly a revolution and people were solid behind MGR..i met him and i offered my salary for the party. Mr Madhialagan who was then speaker was with MGR and they planned to start a political party ANNa DMK
      hence 1972 …the beginning of great changes in Diravidian movement…i was lucky enough to associate with this kind of great political change….now it is a fact….only MGR wave survives..in Tamilnadu

      • Thank you Sir for giving such valuable first hand information.



  9. My dear Friends of Dr MGR…
    In The year 1972 ..you must see how Ramavaram Gardens were overflowing with people from all directions of Tamilnadu.i used to go in the evenings to see the people and their spontaneous feelings to terminate DMK once for all,,,Mgr used to feed all of the public,,,we used to wonder about the cooks from Ramnad …they never took rest
    always in the kitchens..we used to get uppuma and tea,,,It was my spring in my life..i thanked my mother to see sucha Natural phenomenon Called ANNA DMK …Mgr used to address small meetings every now and then…..in the beginning of 1972 in Ramavaram Gardens at least 10 times per day!!!
    I have seen leaders how they ridiculed MGR and later on they were the first people to fall at our Thalaivars feet,,, and became ministers and enjoyed power till his Demise..!!!,once Na . Kamaraj was in debts and MGr helped him,….SR RADHA ex housing Minister of MGR cabinet ,,,his press was burnt down in kumbakonam by hooligans…MGr rewarded SR Radha with new press and compensated the loss…..in 1972…
    In my life of 69 years i have never seen a Leader who was ..” Just Like Buddha in affection and ” Jesus like forget the enemies..
    Take for example…Sarkaria commission…and DMK Chief was charged under corruption and Mgr Said ” No action against Karunanidhi since people of Tamilnadu defeated him and that is the verdict by the people ….” where we are going to see a great Leader DR MGR???
    so let us think in our hearts and He lives in our hearts forever…

    • Thank you very much for the informations about Ramavaram Garden how our Puratchi Thalaivar MGR treated the public which is his unique characteristic trait which is present only in God. It is no wonder that a temple has been erected in his name.

      • Dear MGR s Blood of Blood…
        here is an interesting thing happened.
        After Dindugal victory in 1972 Anna DMK was re-christened as ALL India Anna DMK because the cunning congress were thinking to ban all regional parties in India. MGR was so clever and he knew it was his time to grow up and so he had directed all branches allover India to register with Parent Body Anna DMk and he changed the Name as All India party. Then the Delhi politicians were blinking…our leader was on the march to create a Golden Rule unstopped from then,,,

        History has recorded in World politics After Ronald Reagan it was MGr who gave people that cinema actors can change the world if they are perfect…but all other cinema actors could not accomplish such victories ….except our Dr J. Jayalalithaa…she came to perpetuate the eternal memories of Dr MGR for ever in the hearts of Tamils

        so we are happy to day to see How Amma our Honble CHief Minister is helping Farmers with 100% micro-irrigation..
        so MGR legacy is juust big…no force can defeat Amma and MGRs glory is such strong Fort on a Rock

        long live MGr and Tamilnadu govt under His Blessing

  10. Thank you very much Sir. I had asked for this information. I will be grateful if you can please upload the paper clippings of those days when Thalaivar was expelled from DMK, about to start a new party, Dindigul election, election campaingning for 1977 elections, victory speech, etc. This information will be very useful for today’s generation.

    • Dear Bali Sir, thank you very much for your comment. I have seen the paper of MGR expelled from DMK some years back, I did not have any paper clippings of MGR’s campaign. I will ask my friends to get the clippings the chances are very remote. I had MGR’s speech on 17.10.1972 in Marina with more echo and lot of disturbances, MGR speech was like fire and very fast. The crowd was uncontrollable. Unfortunately it was a cassette format and it was misplaced. I am searching for that particular speech of MGR. If we are lucky one it will be published in our blog.

  11. pl send the list of books about our honoroble cm amma

  12. Fate line starting from Venus mount indicating his early sufferings. Square palm with gradual drooping curve towards lunar mount his extraordinary practical application of his imaginary temperament in cene field.His second shift of fate line from brain line towards sun mount indicating his later name and fame after 38 the year. With the flirtation temperament indicated by heartline he could not have resisted this feeling. At 1958 from 40th year a change of destiny was indicated, the fateline turning towards sun mount indicating his shooting popularity. Commenting on the tile Nadodi Mannan, MGR is said to have confessed that if the movie profited, he would be a King (Mannan); if it flopped, he would be a homeless nomad (Nadodi). The movie was some years in the making. All dedicated members of MGR’s entourage were put to work night and day on the project. K. Ramnoth was appointed to direct this movie, but upon his sudden demise on 4 October 1956, MGR had taken up the direction responsibilities. The latter portions depicting the happenings in the island were shot in colour.
    MGR along with his wife V.N.Janaki used to visit one Mukkuvula (situated near Prarashala,Kerala) Joshyar and an ESP powered man who predicted that he will be a King of Kings in his future days.
    Former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu M.G. Ramachandran who was acine actor too, was a very popular person. I was eager to know if in his casea Naadi-prediction had been made. She told me about that too. InitiallyM.G.R did not believe in astrology. But later in his old age, when he losthis power of speech, he was foretold that because of public insistence hewould have to be the leader, even if he was weak. He would be required togo abroad for treatment. When the predictions proved true, he also believedin Naadi astrology. He was warned not to visit Meenakshi Temple, since hewon’t return! That warning was ignored, because some senior centralleaders were to visit there on some mission and as Chief Minister out of protocol formalities M.G.R. had to go there, and later on he died”

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