A Request For Nadigar Thilagam Fan

Sri MGR Year 95, 8th June, Friday

When some one from Nadigar Thilagam fan base wrote a poem about Karnan successful re-release, and in the poem he has indecently wrote about Puratchi Thalaivar MGR, MGR fans started to write comment about the re-release of Karnan in the srimgr.com site.

Seeing this a Nadigar Thilagam fan who comes in the name of Saradhi, Amudhan, Unami vilambi, Sowrirajan, Sathyasai, Sivakumar, Adapaavingala, Arun, Politics_since60s etc. all are the same person wrote comments and replies. I can judge because apparently every comment was published from 1st May 2012 from 10.45 am onwards. I do not got that much traffic on that day to my site for this innumerable comments. All the comments arise from one location, I am spending nearly 1 to 2 hours everyday checking the traffic pattern of my site through webstat and Google analytics. So it is not difficult for me to correlate how many persons or person has given this comment.

I have been writing MGR blog from 2005 and I know how many people will comment, for what and why they comment. The above said name was logged on to our srimgr.com site on 1st May 2012 from 10.45 am and the same person was giving comments till 5 pm, the whole office hour, but it is not a working day. And he thinks that I am idiot, below are some of the comments that he has written.



A MGR fan has given comment that Ithayakani movie has generated 50 lakhs as tax, here he asks the published proof, when other MGR fan gives the published proof he says that this was published by us! he wants the proof from thinathanthi, dinamani etc. I know the above was given in a daily definitely not in thinathanthi, at the time MGR and Adhithinar are not in good terms.


The above was given to notify the different names he used, watch the date and time of comment.


He further states that to defeat Karnan release MGR movies were released weekly. How intelligent he is. I have been posting how many MGR movies were re-released every year from 2007. I am asking him how many Nadigar Thilagam movies were released during 2007 to 2012 and do you think to counter his movies, 40 to 45 MGR movies were released every year in Chennai alone, and you think MGR movies were only re-released because of Nadigar Thilagam movie release? And he says that family crowd is only for Nadigar Thilagam! do you think MGR movies are adults only?


Here is another move by him, he feels that MGR fans are from cheri that is downtrodden people. He, in another name Sathyan, a name given by his subconscious mind, that Karnan is running in Sathayam theater that time, copy pasted an article written by Gopalan Ravindran in blogs.wide journal. org. He feels that I will be mortified by saying that “Do you think this group will ever understand your diction..? They will take this to all universities to understand the meaning of what you have written !”. Ok Sir, do you know what Gopal Ravindran has written?

For your kind information I have been writing this blog not for persons who majored in English Literature and my Blog subject is not English literature, my readers are MGR Fans, some are less educated, who have some knowledge of English language, operating the computer and watching internet. This I should keep in mind and use simple words to make them understand what I am trying to say.

If you feel my writing is not standard why do you visit? Am I giving any money for your visit? or did I beg your self to pay a visit?


Another genius question by him.


His knowledge of Puratchi Thalaivar MGR and Nadigar Thilagam are limited you can understand how well he knows about Nadigar Thilagam.


Here in the above comment he says that our beloved Leader MGR is a person to be prosecuted under section 420. And further states that Rajiv Gandhi was killed by MGR’s attitude.

And another comment which clearly states his knowledge about MGR. He says that Chandrababu who directed Maadi Veetu Ezhai and became pauper? and Chandrababu set fire to the negative of the movie.

Sir do you know this fact, when was the movie maadi veetu ezhai was produced? After 1964 MGR gave chance to Chandrababu to act in Parakum Paavai, a meaty role in Adimai penn all this happened after Maadi Veetu Ezhai incident. About the fire part, he might have gone through a book written by Vijayan titled MGR Kathai there Vijayan mentions that MGR did not give proper call sheet to Gemini S.S.Vasan for Olivilakku and S.S.Vasan asked his assistant to go to Ramapuram gardens and ask the call sheet if MGR did not answer rightly, throw the negatives and burn it in front of his house. And MGR gave call sheet and completed Oli Vilakku. This is what Vijayan has written in MGR Kathai, the commenter has gone through this and related to Chandrababu incident. His attitude clearly states that he is half baked in his views.

Please do not write if you do not know about Puratchi Thalaivar MGR. Write about Nadigar Thilagam properly, if you have doubt ask your senior Nadigar Thilagam fans who know quite well about his movies and politics.

There is a saying.

Nobody knows how much or how little one knows until he starts talking (writing).


In the above comment he has given a reply for Professor Selvakumar about the election result of Nadigar Thilagam. Read and understand how childish his reply.


In the above comment he has challenged MGR Fans to release and break Karnan Records. Why we should do? and he thinks that MGR Fans are the persons re-releasing MGR movies from 1978 to till date.


The pinnacle of his comment, he mentions that we MGR Fans preferred Jayalalitha rather than Janaki Ramachandran. Are you ok Sir, do you think the votes garnered by Jayalalitha comes only from MGR Fans? even MGR votes are people vote, they did not look MGR as Actor. Some people not liked his movies but voted for him. Ask senior Nadigar Thilagam Fans if you have doubt.

Finally I want to say to him is, I am writing about MGR only, glorifying him, and not about Nadigar Thilagam Sir. And at the same time if you Sir like to see articles about degrading MGR, you are looking at the wrong site, just Google, I am assuring you Sir. So please do not waste your precious time by reading the junk written by downtrodden people.

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